Independent Software
And Hardware Testing

Today, everything is customer-satisfied. Technological advances throughout the industry aim at enriching the customer experience and improving the user satisfaction rate.
Hardware engineer working with circuit board
Electronic control kit DIY boards
In the current market dynamics, customer satisfaction depends on three main factors – the speed of delivery, cost-effectiveness, productivity, and, most importantly, quality. If a product/service can add value to customers, their satisfaction levels will increase proportionately. The global market for software testing services expects to grow by the US $ 29.84 billion in 2019-2023, surpassing CAGR by 12%. Software companies also try to break away from the legacy processes and methods and the old-school approach to software development. Where QA is positioning on a priority scale, companies need time to build quality offers, and they do not have extra time due to intense market competition. Automation becomes the key to aligning both qualities as well as delivery speed. As a counter test, the testing automation services market is growing exponentially through software testing services. Software testing automation is one of the prominent reasons for the rising market share. However, automation or quality is not cheap. Hosting a testing environment, maintaining test equipment and testing opportunities, and developing infrastructure are troublesome and costly. Thus, Independent software testing services prove to be a blessing in disguise. Partnering with an external QA vendor for independent software testing services allows you to take advantage of a dedicated testing team without the challenge of maintaining such a team.


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